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Coler Siafft

Daeth coler siafft yn gydran peiriant syml, ond pwysig, a geir mewn llawer o gymwysiadau trosglwyddo pŵer, yn fwyaf arbennig moduron a blychau gêr. Defnyddir y coleri fel arosfannau mecanyddol, lleoli cydrannau, a dwyn wynebau. Mae'r dyluniad syml yn addas i'w osod yn hawdd.

Coler Siafft Dyletswydd Trwm
Coler Siafft gydag Un rhaniad
Coleri Siafft Solet modfedd
Coleri Siafft gyda holltiadau dwbl

Cyfres Inch

Coleri Siafft Solet
Coleri Siafft gydag un rhaniad
Coleri Siafft gyda holltiadau dwbl
Coleri Siafft gyda holltiadau dwbl (H)
Cyfres Metrig

Coleri Siafft Solet

Coleri Siafft gydag un rhaniad
Coleri Siafft gyda holltiadau dwbl
Coler Siafft acc. i DIN705
Coler Siafft (Math H-AB)

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Pellet Mill Ring Die and Roller Manufacturer

                                 Pellet mill ring die and roller makerTF is producer with 2 factories located in Jiangsu Province of China,the start-place of wooden/feed ring die pellet machine/pellet mill&spare areas.why should choose us:1.Skilledover 10years...

Sêl Cetris 2

Cartridge Seals, Mechanical Seals, BCARTEX-SNFunctions• One seal• Cartridge• Balanced• Unbiased of route of rotation• Solitary seals without having connections (-SNO), with flush (-SN)and with quench mixed with lip seal (-QN) or throttlering (-TN)• Extra variants...

Stainless Steel or Alloy Steel Pellet Press Die for Pellet Mill

                             Stainless steel or alloy metal pellet push die for pellet mill TF is producer with 2factories positioned in Jiangsu Province of China,the delivery-spot of wooden/feedring die pellet device/pellet mill&spare parts.why should pick...

Roller Shutter Door Stamping Flange Bearing Roller Bearing

1. Spring box are used for the Rolling Shutter Doorway, like Garage Door . 2. Manufactured of common Q235 metal plate give to high quality and toughness. three. Area alvanized in silvery , which make the wheels properly resistant to combat towards rust. 4. We also...

Splined Shaft for 8093 Marine Vane Motor

Product Description:One splined shaft for IHI motor,Splined shaft for H-HVK/HVL/HVN series Maritime vane motorCould exchange Japanese IHI vane motor spare parts with a few series ofHVK, HVN, HVL complete 10 measurement which can utilized in ship crane and port crane,...

Clamp Type Curved Jaw Coupling

Ubet Jaw couplings are developed as a few piece comination, including two hubs and 1 elastomer created of polyurethane. The cuved jaw matches onto the spider, which minimizes shock to the motor and other delicate tools.   Widely utilised in a variety of mechanical and...

Gostyngwr Gêr Lleihäwr Gear TXT Haearn Bwrw Wedi'i Ddefnyddio gan Gludydd

Manyleb Gostyngwr SMRY 1 Allbwn Tâp Twin HubA wedi'i dapio ar ddwy ochr canolbwynt allbwn y lleihäwr yn erbyn tapr sy'n cyfateb ar wyneb allanol y prysuro. Mae sgriwiau mowntio Bushing yn pasio trwy'r flange bushing i mewn i ...

Good Lubrication Wrapped Bronze Shaft Bushing with Flange

Excellent Lubrication Wrapped Bronze Shaft Bushing with Flange  Density:8.8g/cm3Max Dynamic Load:120N/mm²Max Linear Velocity(Grease):2.5m/sMax PV Value Grease :2.8N/mm²·m/sForce Strength >460N/mm²Produce Power N/mm2>280N/mm2Hardness:90-one hundred fiftyMating...

Elfen Clampio Côn Trwsio Siafft

Ubet Keyless Locking Units are employed in rotating machinery, creating clamping stress amongst area of locking gadget and shaft to produce adjustable and releasable mechanical connection, so as to clamp gears, pulleys and other parts to a shaft without threads or...

Pwmp tyrbin fertigol siafft hir dŵr môr cyrydol

Why choose us?Specialised generation Manufactory for Vertical Turbine PumpConcentrate on technological innovation, More than Sector top stageGreat expertise at Domestic and oversea marketCarefully paint  for Good lookMany years of Global services requirements,...

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